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Great Gig Dance Ensemble is a group of more serious dancers who desire more performance opportunities.







                                                 Welcome to the home of  finest Dance Ensemble in Atlanta!

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Congratulations and welcome to the 2016 - 2017 Great Gig Dance Ensemble!


First, let us explain why we have created this group:  Dance is a form of artistic expression, designed for performing.  The ultimate goal of dance training is the performance!  Until the dance student performs for a live audience, their training is incomplete.  Many dance students will perform only once a year—on a stage in the recital.  These students are known as “recreational” dancers.  

Great Gig Dance Ensemble is a group of more serious dancers who desire more than that once-a-year opportunity.  Ensemble dancers LOVE to be on a stage!  And being on a stage makes you a better performer, and a better dancer.  Great Gig Dance Ensemble will provide you with many opportunities to perform and share your talent with others. 

 The first step to becoming a successful dancer is to make a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals and performances.  Strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop that technique.  Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions.  Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door.  True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do.  Dance full out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

 Respect for the teachers and choreographers you work with is essential.  Listen to each correction given, whether it’s directed to you or another dancer.  A correction is an honor; it shows you how much a teacher cares about your progress as a dancer.  Always say thank you when a teacher or choreographer offers you constructive criticism.  Nothing can stop those students who apply themselves in every class and appreciate their teachers’ knowledge and experience.

 Performances are your opportunity to show the world the results of your dedication and hard work.  Make the most of this opportunity by presenting yourself in a professional manner—and go out there and show the audience how much you love to dance!

 Ensemble Information and Policies

 1.     Attendance

·    As an Ensemble member, you are expected to attend your classes and rehearsals.

  ·         All dancers must attend all classes unless they are extremely sick (contagious), or a family emergency arises.  These are the only two acceptable excuses for missing class.

 ·         A maximum of 4 unexcused absences in an Ensemble class may result in removal from all performances in which that class participates (at the discretion of the teacher and director). Poor attendance affects not only your performance, but also negatively impacts the performance of your peers.  Respecting your peers (as well as yourself) is an important part of your dance education.

  ·         You must notify the studio and your teacher in advance if you will be absent for any reason!  For everyone’s benefit, teachers plan their classes according to their predetermined goals (choreography deadlines, technique goals, etc.)—and when students do not come to class, it disrupts the teacher’s plans as well as the progress of the entire class.  Please notify the teacher of any planned absences with a written note in their office folder.  You may call the studio office and leave a message for the teacher in the event of an unplanned absence.

 ·         If a dancer misses the class or rehearsal that directly precedes an upcoming performance, they will be removed from that performance. The dancer may also be removed from subsequent performances if there is not adequate rehearsal/class time available to adjust the choreography.

 ·         If a dancer misses class or rehearsal, he or she is responsible for learning any missed choreography prior to arriving for the next class or rehearsal. 

 2.     Rehearsals and Performances

 Ensemble members must attend all scheduled rehearsals, performances, workshops, competitions and parades—no exceptions will be made unless prior arrangements are made with the director.

·         Great Gig will make all performance and rehearsal dates available as soon as possible.  Please check your folder, your email (preferred method of communication), the Ensemble bulletin board, and the website ( for this type of communication.

 ·         It is critical that you attend class and any scheduled rehearsals prior to the performances/workshops/competitions.  If you are unprepared for any performance as a result of poor attendance (for any reason), the choreographer may replace or eliminate your part. 

 ·         If a dancer fails to participate in a scheduled performance, competition or recital, (whether voluntarily or required by the director), a $50 re-choreography fee may be assessed per dance. 

·         Each dancer is considered an asset to the Ensemble, and when you are missing your dance is incomplete.  Be respectful of your peers, teachers and choreographers by committing yourself to them and Great Gig Dance Ensemble.

 ·         Additional rehearsals may become necessary as we approach certain performance dates.  Rehearsal fees of $5-$10 will be charged, and all dancers will be made aware of rehearsal dates, times and fees with as much advance notice as possible.

 ·         Some Ensemble members may be selected to perform in dances that will not be rehearsed during class, but in a separate rehearsal time (voluntary commitment).  Appropriate rehearsal/choreography fees will be charged on a case-by-case basis.

 3.     Levels of Proficiency

         All Ensemble members are required to take Ballet.  Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance.  You must remain proficient in your Ballet classes.

         Ensemble dancers who are on Pointe must attend 2 Ballet classes each week.

         All Ensemble members must be registered for and remain proficient in at least one other type of dance class (jazz, tap, lyrical, modern).

         All Ensemble dancers must attend at least one approved dance workshop during the season.  Workshops are extremely important in a dancer’s training—they create an environment for exposure to innovative choreographers, other excellent dancers, and a variety of dance styles.  Workshops also encourage dancers to learn movement at a very fast pace—training their minds and bodies to become more efficient.  Dates, locations, and prices of all workshops will be posted as they become available.

         Class placement of students is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.  Our staff meets regularly to discuss the students’ progress and/or placement.  It is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every dancer.  Some parents and dancers may compare their progress or class or choreography placement to that of others in the program. We encourage all dancers to focus on their own accomplishments.  Looking to others for inspiration is a good thing; however a negative focus or comparison distracts from the energy that could be focused on becoming a stronger dancer.             

 4.     Attire – Respect yourself and your talent by dressing like a DANCER!

 Proper dance attire must be worn to ALL classes AND rehearsals!  There will be no exceptions.  If you come to class dressed improperly, the teacher may ask you to sit and watch.

    Ballet (girls):

·         Black leotard (specific style leotard for Ballet 1, 2, 3 or Ballet 4, 5)

·         Bras are optional, but must be flesh-colored dance bra with hidden or clear straps

·         Pink tights (Capezio 9 in clasical pink for performances)

·         Pink split-sole ballet shoes

·         Pointe shoes are to be brought the studio for every class!

·         Hair pulled back in a bun (use bobby pins, hairnet, gel & spray—no wisps of hair)

·         Ballet 5 must bring specific black tutu*

     Ballet (boys):

·         Black tights

·         Solid black fitted t-shirt or tank (no baggy shirts!)

·         Black split-sole ballet shoes

·         Long hair must be pulled away from the face

     Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap (girls): 

·         Leotard, tights (jazz pants may be worn as long as they are properly hemmed and tight-fitting through the thighs)

·         Dancers may wear hot shorts to class, provided they are not loose-fitting around the thighs, do not ride up inappropriately, and are long enough to maintain modesty when performing kicks, splits and leg extensions. Wearing hot shorts will not exempt the dancer from floorwork where delicate knees may come in contact with the floor.

·         Split-sole jazz shoes or tap shoes as specified by teacher (see attached shoe requirements).  Lyrical and modern dancers should be barefoot or wear foot thongs to class unless otherwise instructed by teacher. 

·         Hair must be pulled back! 

·         Do not wear athletic shorts (no Soffe shorts or boxer shorts) or sleepwear pants in the classroom. 

·         Do not wear t-shirts of any kind to class or rehearsal! Printed shirts are distracting to the teacher/choreographer and they may ask you to remove them.

     Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap (boys):

·         Jazz pants or sweatpants, solid t-shirt or tank

·         Split-sole jazz shoes or appropriate tap shoes. Lyrical and modern dancers should be barefoot or wear foot thongs to class unless otherwise instructed by teacher. 


·         Hip-Hop sneakers

·         Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (sweatpants, etc.)

 5.     Fundraising

 Fundraising opportunities will be made available through the Ensemble’s non-profit organization.  Take advantage of all fundraising activities available to help ease costs associated with tuition, costumes, workshop/competition fees and other dance-related expenses as noted in Ensemble bylaws. 

You may withdraw money from your account to pay for dance expenses by making a request in writing to the Treasurer (use the forms provided behind the Ensemble folders).   

 Checks drawn on the Ensemble account will be made out to Great Gig Dance Co. and applied according to your instructions.


6.     Communication

 Each Ensemble member will have their own folder, located in the lobby of the studio.  Please check your folder each time you are at the studio for important information.  This has proven to be a great way to get information to Ensemble members.  Dancers must remember to give the information to parents or they may miss out on something very important!

***Please also provide us with at least 1 email address where we can send important information directly to the parents and dancers! Check that email address for any communication. The staff is not responsible for missed communications due to your failure to check or maintain your email address.

Each teacher at Great Gig Dance Co. has a personal communication folder, located in the office. 

 Our website ( is a wonderful resource for communication.  Watch the website often for updated information on rehearsals and events, as well as current photos.  You may also contact Tammy via email directly through the website.

  7.     Productions

 All Ensemble members should be prepared to participate in productions as assigned by choreographers.  Extra rehearsals may be required as well as additional costuming.

 8.     Dates and Events

 To Be Announced


           ***We want to include all Ensemble dancers in the above performances, but since it is so early in the season, this will certainly be contingent upon attendance and proficiency. Look for a performance line-up and costume instructions during the first few weeks of dance classes. There may be additional rehearsals for some dancers leading up to these performances. Dancers will receive a rehearsal schedule during the first week of regular class—rehearsals may be held on Fridays and/or Saturdays.          

           Please order your red Christmas costume in the office—the cost is $60 plus tax. We are using the same costume we have used in previous years.  Girls will need tan Bloch SO495 jazz shoes and Capezio #1816 tights in light suntan.  For Ballet, girls wear Capezio #9 tights in classical pink, white tulle skirt (made by Michele Knowles--must be measured and ordered) and pink ballet shoes. Boys will wear white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black dress pants, black belt, black socks, black jazz shoes and ballet shoes.

 9.      Additional Expenses

 As Ensemble members, each dancer will have extra expenses.  The following is an estimate of additional Ensemble expenses:

·         Class tuition: Ensemble dancers may take unlimited classes for a maximum tuition rate of $200 per month. The maximum tuition cap for families of Ensemble dancers will be $275 (please note: accounts utilizing the above unlimited rate for individuals or families are not eligible for an additional 10% discount for annual payment). This does not include the optional Ballet technique classes or additional workshops and rehearsals.

·         Shoes: approximately $25 -$75+ per pair

·         Costumes: approximately $60-$100 each

·         Competition fees: approximately $35 per group dance (solos, duets/trios are considerably more)

·         Workshop fees: $125-$250 per workshop, depending on the length (at least one workshop is mandatory)

·         Travel expenses: out-of-town performances, workshops, competitions

 ·         Choreography fees for solos* ($325), duets ($180 per dancer), trios and small groups ($150 per dancer).  Fees include 5 hours of rehearsal time with the choreographer. Additional rehearsals will be billed at the choreographer’s hourly rate.

*Solos, duets, trios and small groups are a privilege and will be arranged at the discretion of our staff. To be considered for one of these special pieces, dancers MUST demonstrate a great attitude in their regular classes, as well as dedication to dance at Great Gig Dance Co. They must be willing to rehearse as directed by the choreographer, and must also practice and rehearse independently.

·         Miscellaneous costume accessories or props (hats, earrings, gloves, skirts)

·         Ensemble Summer Dance Camp: The 2015 fee is approx. $100 per dancer

·         Rehearsal fees: Rehearsal fees of $5-$10 will be charged as needed.  Dancers who are absent from any rehearsal will still be charged.

 A note about solos, duets, trios & small groups:

All special groups will perform in a separate showcase during recital week. They will not be presented in the other showcases unless selected by the director, because of time restraints.

 Great Gig Dance Ensemble 2014 - 2015 - Shoe/Clothing/Accessory Requirements

 All Ensemble Members:

·         Costume for Christmas performances*

·         Crystal earrings* (girls)

·         Crystal ponytail holder (girls)

·         Black sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket with Great Gig logo*

·         Black jazz pants (boot cut leg)

·         Black sports bra (girls only)

·         Black hot shorts (girls only)

·         Optional: Windsuit or Track-Style jacket & pants with Great Gig logo and dancer’s name*

·         Optional: Dance bag with Great Gig logo and dancer’s name*

·         Optional: Costume garment bag with Great Gig logo and dancer’s name*

 Ballet (all)

·         Solid black leotard (Ballet 1, 2, 3 - style # ???; Ballet 4, 5 - style # ???)

·         Tights – girls: Capezio #9 in Classical Pink (seamed); boys: M. Stevens footed tights in black

·         Pink split sole ballet shoes (boys wear black)

·         Boys: black tight-fitting t-shirt, M. Stevens footed tights

 Jazz (all)

·         Jazz boots, Bloch SO495 in Tan

·         Jazz boots, Bloch SO495 in Black

·         Tights – Capezio #1816 in Light Suntan

·         Tights – Capezio #1816 in Black

 Tap (all)

·         Black oxford-style Tap shoes (Capezio “Hoofmaster” is preferred for beginners; Miller & Ben Triple Threat  or Capezio K360 is highly recommended for advanced (levels 3, 4, 5); purchase shoes most suitable for your feet pending teacher approval)

·         Tights – Capezio #1816 in Light Suntan

·         Tights – Capezio #1816 in Black

 Lyrical & Modern

·         Tights – Capezio #1816 in Light Suntan

·         Barefoot or foot “thongs” for class unless instructed by teacher

 Hip Hop

·         Sneakers - Bloch #S0515 Klassik (white/black/red)

 Please keep the following items in your dance bag at all times:

Hair elastics, hairnets, bobby pins

Safety pins

Hair gel & hairspray


Blister aids (for Pointe & Tap)

Ace bandage

Emergency ice pack

Small screwdriver (for tap shoes)

Extra screws (for tap shoes)

Toothpicks (to repair stripped screws)

Black tape (hold taps in place in emergency)

Water bottle

Spiral notebook & pen

Small sewing kit

Extra tights